Restaurant Awnings and Signs

Awnings and proper signage are a worthwhile investment for any restaurant owner. They provide a great way to promote your brand while also serving functions to assist business. Though simple as they may be, they have so much to offer as they create a greater overall look to your restaurant.

Awning Signs

Without proper advertisement, your restaurant could easily go unnoticed. Signs provide an immense contribution to your business by allowing passersby from the street to become more familiarized to your business and at the very least learn the name. A sign can promote specials or make announcements to keep the customers better informed. In some instances, there is even opportunity to use the aesthetic values of how the sign visually represents your restaurant.


Through the use of awnings, a restaurant can effectively be made to stand out. An awning serves both stylish purposes and practical ones. Awnings provide the building with a nice flourish and complimentary colors as it creates a better sense of space. The extension from the building can form a more inviting feeling to patrons as well. The utility is also a major factor when adding an awning to a restaurant because awnings can protect patrons from the sun’s harmful rays and overall keep the space beneath them cooler. The decrease in temperature makes patio seating much more enticing for those looking to enjoy the outdoors but beat the heat. Furthermore, awnings come in many different sizes and types to meet the needs of the restaurant.

Enhance Your Restaurant

If your restaurant needs something to improve upon its look, awnings and signs should be at the top of the list of considerations. At Universal Awnings & Signs we will work with you to meet your design specifications and give your restaurant an ideal look without sacrificing functionality. Call us today 407-328-7781 for a free quote.