Carport Awnings

Parking outside in the Orlando sun can do some serious damage to our vehicles. The UV rays put off by the sun can fade paint, rubber, plastic, and more in a matter of no time. If you wish to protect your vehicles and other belongings from sun damage, we recommend installing a carport awning. Carport awnings also provide protection against other weather elements, including:

•    Rain
•    Hail
•    Bird droppings
•    Sticks and leaves

Universal Awning & Sign has the tools and experience to build the perfect carport awning for your Orlando home. We can customize carport dimensions to fit any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, and Jet Ski. Carport awnings are also a great place to store bicycles, lawn mowers and other things you want to keep protected.

Depending on your wants and needs, our carport awnings can be made from metal or fabric. We offer both materials in a variety of colors to ensure your Orlando carport awning compliments your home. In addition to residential we also build awnings for commercial properties. Whether it’s to provide covered parking for customers or to dress up a building, we’ll make sure it adds curb appeal.

At Universal Awning & Sign, we stand behind the carport awnings we build. We use premium materials for every project and never cut corners. If you need an awning, let Universal Awning & Sign customize one that suits your every need. Contact us for a free quote today.