Fixed Awnings

Differentiate your Sanford home or business from surrounding buildings with a fixed awning from Universal Awning & Sign. Available for entrances, windows, and backyard patios, a customized fixed awning enhances the value of your exterior and the energy efficiency of any space. Count on our team to deliver awnings designed to exceed your expectations for protection and comfort.

Advantages of Fixed Awnings

Whether you prefer a fixed metal awning, a fixed canvas awning, or another customized fixed awning, you’ll appreciate the benefits of these high-quality building assets. Many of our customers prefer our fixed awnings for:

  • Air conditioning efficiency. During the heat of the summer, an awning provides shade in an otherwise open area. Added shade around windows and doors prevents the sun’s harsh rays from shining into your space and forcing your AC system to work harder. Enjoy the natural cooling properties a Universal Awning fixed awning provides.
  • Space differentiation. Give your home, office, or storefront a different appearance with a customized fixed awning. Our awnings come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Together, we can craft a value-enhancing awning for any outdoor space.
  • Added durability. Protect windows and doors with an awning designed to last through the years and withstand burning summer days and stormy weather.

If your entrance, windows, or the backyard patio is missing something, contact Universal Awning & Sign for a free quote on a new awning at 407-328-7781.

Sanford residents rely on us for their retractable and fixed awning needs, and you can too.