Regardless of whether you own a commercial property or a private home, ideally you want to take care of it and ensure that it remains in good condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the sun has other plans. The exterior of your property is under a constant barrage from the sun’s harmful rays and when left unchecked, years of relentless abuse can add up resulting in substantial damage to your home.

An Unseen Enemy

The sun is always beating down on your home and the UV rays though invisible to our eyes, are still capable of substantial damage. Your doors and windows are the main victims of these rays, and after years of exposure, they may need replacement. Excessive sun damage can result in:

  • Paint peeling
  • Rubber seals cracking reducing efficiency
  • Damage to items inside the home through windows
  • Strain on your air conditioning

If sunlight is directly hitting through your open windows, you run the risk of harming the interior of the home. For instance, carpets and furniture can face severe fading in color. Many people try to combat this by hanging drapes to keep the light out, but it doesn’t prevent the damage on the windows and doors themselves, and eventually, the drapes will begin to fade as well.

The Solution

To fight back against the unfavorable nature of the sun, protect your home and the décor within by installing an awning.  The protection provided is substantial, and when you account for how frequently the sun is beating down on your home’s exterior, the benefits make getting an awning well worth it. Not only will an awning keep your home safe, but it will also help decrease your energy bill by keeping your house cooler.

Install Your Awning Today

There is no reason to allow your home to continue taking unnecessary damage. At Universal Awning & Sign, it is our goal to help equip your property with the necessary protective gear. We will work with you to create the perfect awning for you, so call today at 407-328-7781 and start fighting heat damage today!