Central Florida is subject to some fairly significant weather changes, especially from May rainy dayto October. Rain is a blessing and a curse. It keeps our state gorgeous and lush but can also make outing days few and far between. Because our beautiful sunny spring days are accompanied by the notorious, daily afternoon shower, it can be hard for your customers to continue their jaunts during those midday hours.

Awning Benefits

So how can you save your customers from the torrential downpours? Invest in an awning! Benefits of having an awning not only protect your customers, but also offer the following:

  • Increased store visibility
  • Blocks UV rays, adding to the efficiency of your A/C and reducing your energy consumption
  • Added value to the exterior look and curb appeal
  • Helps with branding and identification

Types of Awnings

There are metal or fabric awnings to choose from and each have different advantages. Metal awnings are great for a long-lasting solution. They are resistant to the many weather issues we deal with and still offer the great energy savings. An added bonus is that metal awnings increase noise reduction! Fabric awnings, on the other hand, come in all shapes and sizes. They can cover windows, doors, and can even be digitally printed with your store name or logo.

If you’re interested in adding some value to your store front and protecting your customers from Florida weather, the time to invest in an awning is now. Our spring weather will soon be in full bloom! Call us today at 407-328-7781 for more information.