The Importance of Getting Debris off your Awning Regularly

If you’ve recently added one of these beautiful and energy efficient accents to your door, Dirty Awningwindows, or store-front, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance; otherwise, you’ve just wasted the money you spent on your investment.


Allowing your awning to collect debris has both short and long-term risks. Initially, debris that is caught can rip through the fabric. This is especially true for any twigs or branches that can get swept up there by the wind or rain. Tiny tears and holes can be patched up easily. However, when a hole is left, and the debris is still not cleared, it can rip further and warrant need for a whole new awning piece.

Another risk of not getting debris off your awning regularly is the weight of buildup. The materials used to hold your awning up aren’t meant to support a lot of weight. When it becomes full, the debris can cause the fabric or bars to buckle and fall.  This poses a risk for damage to the awning, your house or store, and injury to those underneath.

Moisture can also pose a threat to your awning. If any of the debris is wet, it can become a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. This causes unsightly fabric staining and health risks to those nearby. Taking the time to clean debris off your awning on a regular basis gives you a chance to inspect your awning for any potential damage and catch fungus build up before it gets worse.

Need Help?

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