Longwood Awning and Canopy

Universal Awning and Sign has the experience needed to complete any project at your home or business. From installations and custom designs we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. With state of the art technology we create high quality awnings and signage that is incomparable by any other company in Central Florida.

Located in Longwood we understand the concern of weather affecting your decision when it comes to selecting an awning for your home or business. The fabric used to create the awnings and canopies are crafted with materials that are extremely durable and can withstand the Florida weather throughout the year.

With commercial awnings our company will measure the dimensions of where you would like to have the installation happen. We understand that all buildings are not created equal and we work to create a custom awning that fits your business space accordingly. During the canopy development process we understand the importance of customers new and old being able to identify your business whether they are in the area or on the road.

Universal Awning and Sign can create a canopy just for your backyard. We can create custom awnings to fit your windows throughout your home and this will help in reducing the overall cost of your electric bill. Being able to block out the sun when it is piercing through your window can reduce the strain of your AC unit from having to work twice as hard.

Whether it is commercial or residential do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.