Window Awnings Orlando

Window awnings create a sophisticated look that brings style to any home or storefront, while protecting the area from harsh UV rays. In Orlando we put up with the glaring sun as well as downpours and window awnings offer protection against both. My Universal Awnings specializes in installing window awnings made from materials that surpass the industry standards.

Fashionable and Durable

All of our awnings are built to last through years of abuse. We promise to never sacrifice quality when it comes to constructing window awnings for our customers. Our finished product is sturdy enough to handle all of Florida’s harsh weather elements.

Window awnings are an easy way to give your home a unique look. Awnings can make a structure appear more inviting and comforting, while keeping the weather off the windows. Our window awnings come in a variety of materials to choose from and are available for any type of building. Browse through our gallery to see some of the projects My Universal Awnings has done in the past.

Energy Savings

The hot Florida weather is responsible for countless dollars in cooling bills every year. Unprotected windows allow the sun to glare directly into your home or business, which raises the temperature inside astronomically. My Universal Awnings can give your windows the shield they need without blocking the view like blinds and curtains. According to a recent study by the IFAI, window awnings are capable of saving up to 33 percent on your monthly cooling energy. Allow our experienced staff to assess your home and guide you to a more efficient future.

Whether you’re looking to add appeal or efficiency to your structure, contact the experts at My Universal Awnings. Our friendly staff can build window awnings to compliment your Orlando home. Give us a call at (407) 328-7781 and start saving today.